Benefits of Massage

* Promotes relaxation
* Reduces stress and chronic tension
* Increases energy and vitality
* Enhances concentration and creativity
* Improves posture
* Increases body awareness
* Speeds healing of strained muscles and ligaments
* Strengthens the immune system

Types of Massages offered are:

-Deep tissue
-River stone
-Lymphatic drainage
-Scalp Therapy

**All of our different types of massages are the same price and customized according to your needs. We use cool packs, moist heat, river stones, aromatherapy, trigger point therapy, and stretching techniques.

Aromatherapy during massage is beneficial because it removes stress from the mind and everyday tensions and allows the body to replenish and re-energize!  Showers are also available in the rooms with aromatherapy.

60 minutes... $83
30 minutes... $112
2 hours... $155

Why our customers choose us?

Our Unique Spa surroundings of Garden, Oasis and Waterfalls exudes tranquility, relaxation and beneficial rejuvenation for mind, body and spirit!


  • A Time to Spa With Friends
  • Loving Cats in need of Loving Homes
  • We Recycle Shredded Paper
  • Complementary for Seniors Citizen