Touch of Class Day Spa
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Why our customers choose us?

Our Unique Spa surroundings of Garden, Oasis and Waterfalls exudes tranquility, relaxation and beneficial rejuvenation for mind, body and spirit!

Our Spa Precautions During COVID-19

  • Use hand sanitizer before and after the session
  • Wipe the sole of your shoes with Clorox solution located on the front entrance
  • Wear a mask at the Spa
  • Use Sterilizer anion nano steam gun Disinfect room immediately after the client is gone
  • Disinfect the door's handles, shower, floor, anything that was in contact with the client.
  • Mop floor after the client leaves the rooms

Our Cleaning Supplies Include:

  • Lysol Spray disinfectant
  • Barbicide disinfectant towelettes
  • Clorox disinfectant wipes
  • Bleach to wash the mop
  • White vinegar for the floor
  • Alcohol to clean
  • A UV light to purify the air and maximize airflow
  • An ionization system to pull dust, allergens from the air