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* Promotes relaxation
* Reduces stress and chronic tension
* Increases energy and vitality
* Enhances concentration and creativity

* Improves posture
* Increases body awareness
* Speeds healing of strained muscles and ligaments
* Strengthens the immune system

All of our different types of massages are the same price and customized according to your needs. We use cool packs, moist heat, river stones, aromatherapy, trigger point therapy, and stretching techniques.


Aromatherapy during massage is beneficial because it removes stress from the mind and everyday tensions and allows the body to replenish and re-energize!  Showers are also available in the rooms with aromatherapy.

60 minutes $83

90 minutes $114

2 hours $165

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

Is highly-specilized form of solf tissue massage designed  to alleviate chronic muscle and nervous system disorders and problems. This treatment bring relief to the pain associated with muscles, joins and nerves.  The goal is to rebuild the strengt of the injure tissues while restoring the body physical functionality. The problems are normally causes by a specific trauma, repetitive movements or even bad posture. Neuromuscular massage is considered an ongoing treatmet-not just something a person does whenever they feel a bit achy. Benefits of Neuromuscular Massage improves ranges of motion, enhances posture and better balance, treats trigger points and referal pain to reduce  or complete elimination of pain.  Treatment is by appointment only and is not perform on couple's massage or any spa pakages services. 

60 min $100.00 

Prenatal massage

Predominantly uses the Swedish massage technique, which focuses on long, sweeping strokes with only minimal pressure applied to the body. Good for relax tense muscle, improve circulation and mobility.

60 min $100.00 

Himalayan Stone Massage

Exfoliates and nourishes the skin gently, leaving you soft and smooth. Reduces inflammation and relieves pain such as muscle weakness, headaches, join pain and fatigue, help create a sense of peace and deep relaxion.Exfoliates and nourishes the skin gently, leaving you soft and smooth. Reduces inflammation and relieves pain such as muscle weakness, headaches, join pain and fatigue, help create a sense of peace and deep relaxion.

60 min $100 

River Stone Massage

The use and placement of basalt River Rocks on full body massage.

60 min $100.00 

Cupping Massage 

Cupping therapy, which uses cups to create suction on the skin, is a popular treatment for muscle tension, chronic pain, fatigue, and inflammation. Cupping involves placing small cups on troubled areas of the body and creating suction to pull the tissue up slightly. This may help relax muscles and tissues, relieve pain, and trigger the body's natural healing processes.

60 min $100.00 

Stretching Sport Massage

Sports massage is focused and systematic, targeting muscles that are used in a specific sport. It uses various techniques to decrease muscle pain and improve recovery, as well as improve overall range of motion and flexibility to support safe and effective movement.

60 min $100.00 

Low back pain related with the sciatica

Lower back pain related to sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve, which extends from the lower back to the legs, becomes irritated or compressed. This can result in sharp pain, tingling, or weakness in the back, buttocks, and legs. Massages in this area can be beneficial as they can help relieve muscle tension, improve blood circulation, and reduce inflammation. This, in turn, can provide temporary pain relief and increase mobility.

60 min $100.00 

Neck and shoulder pain

Neck and shoulder pain is common and can be caused by muscle tension, poor posture, or stress. Massages in this area can help relieve tension, reduce pain, and improve mobility. Benefits include increased blood circulation and muscle relaxation, which can provide short-term relief and enhance comfort.

60 min $100.00 


TMJ pain, often associated with issues like teeth grinding or tension, can cause discomfort and difficulty in speaking or eating. Massages in this area can relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, and reduce discomfort. This can help relax facial muscles and provide relief.

60 min $100.00 

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition in which the median nerve in the wrist is compressed, causing pain, tingling, and weakness in the hand and fingers. Massages in this area can help relieve muscle tension and improve circulation, which can reduce symptoms.

60 min $100.00 

Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a condition in which the connective tissue on the underside of the foot becomes inflamed, causing pain in the heel and the bottom of the foot. Massages in this area can help relieve tension, reduce inflammation, and improve flexibility. This can provide relief from pain and enhance comfort while walking.

60 min $100.00 


Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine. Massages can relieve muscle tension, reduce pain, and improve flexibility in people with scoliosis, it is recommended massages accompanied with a previous treatment by a medical specialist.

60 min $100.00 

NMT BY (Paul St. John Method)

Neuromuscular Therapy or NMT (St. John Method) is a specific hands-on approach to resolving soft tissue pain in the human body. The St. John Method embodies a wide variety of effective therapeutic techniques and applications that work toward restoring homeostasis (balance) between the muscular and nervous systems.

60 min $100.00