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Custom Facials and Rejuvenation

Custom Facials and Skin Renewal for you...
We combine different avenues for facial needs, allowing skin care professionals to create effective programs that target individual needs.

Our facials specialize in skin treatments that promote, revive and renew your skin.
Facials are beneficial to the skin for all skin types.
Acne oil control, removing impurities, dead skin cells, controlling PH balance, hydration, removal of blackheads, treats anti-aging and moisturizes the skin for a rejuvenating youthful feel and impressive look.

Personally relaxing and invigorating we custom design each session to your individual skin type, while providing you with an unforgettable refreshing Spa experience.
All Natural Organic and Raw products combined with a unique atmosphere you'll be sure to experience a unique treatment!

Customized Classic Facial $88

Hydro Facial $150

Acupunture Rejuvenaiting Facial $150

Collagen Facial add $30

Back Facial $88

Vitamin C Facial $88

Anti-aging Facial $88

Seasonal Organic Facial $88

Pre-Teen Facial $88

Microdermabrasion with Custom Facial $114

Radiofrequency with Facial $196

Pumpkin & Fruit Acid Peel Add $30

Eye Rejuvenation $52

Hand Treatment $52

Dermaplane $150.00

LED llight Facial $88


 Pumpkin Peel with your facial